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If you plan to take a puppy from our kennel, please be aware of some our operation principles.

1. We are ready to sell puppies to other towns, cities and countries, including the possibility of first choice.

2. We sell puppies only under Sale Contract, which stipulates duties of the parties in detail.

3. We can fix individual value for the puppy depending on its supposed show class and CT test results.

4. We can offer you joint co-ownership with our kennel and to assume a part of duties, but this is only by the wish of the future owner. Conditions to be agreed.

5. We are ready to sell puppies to the owners who are not interested in the show and breeding career of their pets, but who are ready to love and respect their dog (Conditions to be agreed individually).

6. We sell only healthy puppies vaccinated according to their age. We drive away intestinal worms several times from all of our puppies without fail using the preparations recommended for application in European countries.

7. All puppies receive Veterinary Passport of state standard with the marks on vaccinations and seals of state clinic. We use vaccines recognized in all countries of the world –
Nobivac (Holland), Eurican (Merial, France) and Duramune (USA).

8. We do not sell puppies younger than 2 months old. You can select a puppy of any age, but it will not leave our home until it reaches the age of 8 weeks.

9. All puppies of our kennel are sold with a mark and receive Puppy Card of our kennel. Russian pedigree is arranged within the period specified by the rules on obtaining of pedigree documents. Puppies leaving abroad (including the countries of the former USSR) receive export version of the pedigree FCI at the expense of the nursery.

10. We can render qualified professional support to you and your dog during the dog preparation for and demonstration at an dog shows of any  level.

11. We welcome the wish to show the dog at national, international dog shows, as well as at World and European Championships.

12. We can show your dog at foreign dog shows. Conditions to be agreed individually.

13. Any she-dog originating from our kennel can be included into the breeding plan of our kennel, and we can give prefixes to the puppies born from the male dogs approved by us
14. You can address us for consultations any time.

15. We also have the possibility to sell grown puppies for objective reasons. Conditions of over-keeping to be agreed individually.

16. While living with us all puppies get social adaptation before they move to your home.

17. We are entitled to refuse to sell a puppy.

18. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from our kennel, please contact us to obtain further information by e-mail
bedlingtonshow@gmail.com. We have the possibility to export our puppies to majority of countries. 

And PRIMARITI we would like each of our little ones
to have a loving, patient, responsible – in a word
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